Hello and welcome to Lansdowne Biotechnics, a leading Biotechnology company based in the heart of Cornwall. Lansdowne Biotechnics is working on commercialising novel developments in the Agri-Tech, Pharma, Disinfection, and Incubation fields, among others. All Lansdowne Biotechnics innovations nurture the world around us to make the world a better place. Please get in touch about consultancy, we’d love to work with you.

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We’re Recruiting

Lansdowne Biotechnics Limited has an exciting opportunity for a fresh or early stage Graduate Design Engineer to join our company, initially working on an Innovate UK funded project, to build a commercial demonstrator of a chemical-free pest control system using novel electronics and physical principles.

We will be creating something completely new and of great benefit to the environment! Working on novel technologies in magnetic resonance, the successful candidate will be able to interact with academic leaders in the technology, working to realise a commercial demonstrator of a proven conceptual design in Agri-Tech.

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